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Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore) X Creativeans’s native wildlife awareness campaign features an antimicrobial and FSC-certified red packet design, perfect for a festive 2023 Lunar New Year celebration whilst keeping us safe.

All proceeds from the red packet sale go to Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore), a non-profit organisation focused on inspiring individuals to improve the understanding, welfare and conservation of the environment and its wildlife.

  • A set of 8 Red Packets at $19.90. (Includes local shipping)
  • Last date of purchase 13th January 2023
  • Purchase is only available within Singapore
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Antimicrobial & FSC
Certified Angbao

Antimicrobial Coating

Hygiene plays an essential role in our first defence against the pandemic. Printed on antimicrobial-varnished, courtesy of OVOL Singapore, this innovation features an odour-free surface, effective against pathogens and bacteria.

FSC® Certified Paper

We ensure that our packaging and products are sustainable using only FSC® Certified Paper. This means that our wood sourced from forests is managed responsibly and in the most environmentally sustainable way possible.


We thoughtfully designed the red packets drawing inspiration from the Chinese idiom, “雨过天晴”, which means new hopes after a disastrous period which we believe is apt in the current climate. We depicted that through vivid and rich coloured illustrations of a family of otters coming out to play after a heavy storm. The family of 5 otters shown in the design symbolises “五福临门” which expresses the endless fortune streaming into homes and businesses. Otters are the unique embodiment of the Singaporean spirit; they symbolise togetherness, unity, and community. Likewise, for the past three years, we have all braved through these unprecedented times together as a community, tying back to the above-mentioned Chinese idiom.

A meaningful quote written specially by Creativeans’ director, Yulia Saksen’s mother, completes the design of the red packets. “春到人间福满堂, 海獭逢春尤其乐” translates to ‘Spring has come to welcome prosperity, good health and happiness. There is peace when otters meet the season.’ The last two words from each phrase can combine to form “滿堂其乐” which means ‘full-house’, signifying the warmth in unity during this festive new year.


We Need Each Otter

Otters are thriving in Singapore. With clean water and rich food sources, the urban city is now the perfect environment for them to call it home.

Why Otters are Important to Singapore?

The presence of Otters is a testament to Singapore’s reforestation and anti-pollution efforts. Otters are also an essential keystone species of the river ecosystem by regulating other populations of food species in their habitat.

Characteristics of Otters

Just like humans, otters share similarities in having family-like traits. Mother otters are known to have a strong bond with their young pups. They spend time taking care of their young ones, keeping them safe for survival, exhibiting that they are just like us, in need of a safe haven.

How Can We Co-Exist with Otters?

To co-exist peacefully with Otters, we must make a conscious effort to educate ourselves on wildlife etiquette. Here are some examples of how we should react when we spot a family of otters on our tropical island.

Do not touch, or chase after the otters. Observe them from a distance.

Do not litter or leave sharp objects in the water. Otters may be hurt by them.

Do not feed the otters. Their natural eating habits keep the ecosystem healthy.

Do not use flash when taking photos of otters. Light may scare the otters.

Help to Protect
Singapore’s Wildlife


Jane Goodall
Institute (Singapore)

The Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore) or JGIS is the local chapter of the organisation founded by Dr. Jane Goodall to empower people to make a difference for all living things. JGIS is a registered charity in Singapore (UEN T07SS0157J) with a registered address at 32 Lantana Avenue, Singapore 277924.

Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore)


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Celebrate 2023 Chinese New Year in an Otterly Meaningful Way

  • A set of 8 Red Packets at $19.90. (Includes local shipping)
  • Last date of purchase 13th January 2023
  • Purchase is only available within Singapore
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